Welcome to F&B Sounds Bites, a podcast on hot topics, trends and challenges for professionals in the engine room behind the Food and Beverage industry hosted by Hamish McCook.
Many sceptics thought Steve Jobs was mad when he introduced Apple iPhone back in 2007. Yet today the smart phone is owned by an estimate of 1 billion of the population, fits in the palm of your hand and is smarter than we ever thought possible. 

So, after many years of research and innovation, Cellular Agriculture meat products may not be as farfetched as we think.  We’ve already solved the problems of CellAg using science, engineering, and production, but it’s the power of incorporating the technologies, skills and systems together to catapult it from an expensive lab creation to mass production, stocked on supermarket shelves around the world.

In this episode of F&B Sound Bites, we revisit the topic of CellAg with two expert engineers from NZ and the US, teaming up to offer their perspective on the barriers, opportunities and future for CellAg. Find out just how close CellAg is to becoming an alternative, more sustainable, food source and what you need to be doing today to get ready.

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