Celebrating 100 years

Here’s to our thinkers and creators, our planners, engineers and practitioners and to all of our clients and our communities. For 100 years we have partnered to make everyday better. Thank you!

Beca 100

Explore our history

Take an interactive journey through our 100-year history to discover how we’ve made everyday better.

Our clients and our second century

Our clients and our people are the heart of our business. So we are celebrating Beca 100 and the start of our second century with a series of conversations with our clients about their next century. What themes and issues will impact them, their organisations and their markets in coming decades? How can we help them #makeeverydaybetter? 

Air Marshal Kevin Short
Chief of NZ Defence Force
Technology will provide us with fantastic intelligence and data… we're always looking at that new capability that will give us an edge to do our job.
Raveen Jaduram
CEO, Watercare
Auckland's growing and that brings challenges, but it [also] brings lots of opportunities… The ethos of working together, solving societal problems, providing a service that is vital for life… No matter how intelligent or smart we may be individually, the problems we are facing need to be solved in groups.
Simon Willis
Australia - Group Manager Growth, South East Water
South East Water is constantly looking into the future for the things that will influence the way that we deliver our water services. We can't remain stagnant because we know the world is forever changing.

Beca Voices

Our Beca family holds our values dear – partnership, enjoyment, tenacity and care are core to our daily lives and our work with our clients and communities. For 100 years we've been united in our purpose to make everyday better. To celebrate Beca 100, we will be speaking with some of our people about the themes closest to their hearts at Beca.

Genevieve Smith

I'm very passionate about sustainability - it's something I've been interested in a long time. I really want to be able to help our clients and our business do the most with what we've got available to us without damaging the environment, but also benefiting society.

Ang Seng Lee

Culture drives the right behaviour – the right behaviour towards innovation and cohesion among the people. The right culture can create people who are engaged in their work and committed to what they do.

Clarissa Phillips

When I introduce new technology to clients’ they embrace it, because we show them using VR or AR and they can actually see and visualise what they are going to do. Then they take can that away and show their stakeholders or community.