Beca launches international Advisory Practice and New Ventures Accelerator

We recently launched a new Advisory Practice combining a range of front end services teams into a single, international business group.

Thomas Hyde, Group Director for the Advisory Business said, “In the past we were seen as a technical services or projects provider, now our clients are seeking our involvement further up the value chain in terms of strategic planning and decisions around capital investment, emerging technologies, envisioning the future of their business and how we can help them create and implement that. Our new Advisory Practice will focus our response to all of these client needs in an integrated way.”

Beca CEO, Greg Lowe, agrees “We are uniquely positioned among professional services companies - with advanced advisory expertise combined with deep market and technical knowledge, we see all sides of a problem or opportunity.”

The new Advisory Practice is a substantial part of Beca’s business, with more than 600 people providing consulting and advisory services across the full range of the business and asset lifecycle. 

Beca’s Advisory Practice provides services to clients in all of its major markets – infrastructure and transport, buildings, utilities, government and defence, healthcare and education, and industrial and manufacturing.

New Ventures Accelerator

As Beca gears up for ongoing growth in the advisory sector, it is already producing innovative new products and services across its business to meet demand for technology and digital solutions to community and business challenges. To support its innovation process and provide more formal support to its entrepreneurial activity, Beca has established a New Ventures Accelerator. The Accelerator is a structured innovation and incubation programme to develop and commercialise new business offerings for Beca’s clients.

Thomas Hyde, Group Director, said, “Our New Ventures Accelerator is an important part of the Advisory Practice. We invest in researching and testing a number of products and services that will support our clients at all parts of a business, process, or asset lifecycle. It will be a real value add for our new and existing clients.”

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