New General Managers appointed across Beca’s Advisory Group

Beca is pleased to announce the appointment of three new General Managers across its Advisory Group. Congratulations to Hena Rana, Greg Davey and Harley James who have been promoted to their respective roles leading Beca’s Australian Advisory, Digital Services and Applied Technologies teams.

Thomas Hyde, Beca Group Director for Advisory says, “These appointments are an important milestone for us. We want to provide our clients with the best insights and advice to help them to achieve their business goals, and these new leaders will help us to do that.” 

Beca’s Advisory Group is incredibly diverse with over 660 professionals making everyday better for clients and communities through digital services, community shaping, defence and national security, data analytics and insight, asset advisory, transformation services, business strategy, project delivery and more. 

Meet Beca’s new General Managers
Hena Rana, General Manager, Beca Australian Advisory Practice has been with Beca since 2007 and has worked across many different industries. Hena is an expert working with clients to improve their operations and systems, streamlining complicated processes and leading programmes of work. In her role as General Manager, Hena will be leading several services including community shaping, digital services and transformation services. Hena says she’s, “really excited by this new opportunity to help our Australian clients to achieve their business goals.” 

Greg Davey is our new General Manager for Digital Services and will be leading our team of software engineers, systems engineers, data analytics experts and GIS specialists to deliver a range of digital and technology service offerings to our clients. Greg has over 30 years’ experience working both in New Zealand and overseas in the technology space and is passionate about bringing stakeholders and experts together to create technology solutions that are practical to implement and operate and add tangible value to our clients.

Harley James is now General Manager for Beca’s Applied Technologies (BAT). The BAT team works closely with the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and provides strategic advice to specialised clients with unique challenges. Harley has been with the BAT team since 2012 and understands this part of the business extremely well. Prior to this, Harley spent 22 years with the Royal New Zealand Airforce, specialising in aircraft systems, software and simulation systems. Harley says he’s “very excited about stepping into this role and taking our team of brilliant people to even greater heights, continuing to support our clients’ success.” 

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