Singapore Republic Polytechnic

    Beca's use of thermal energy storage tanks have significantly reduced the maximum electrical demand compared to conventional solutions, and provided significant savings in operating costs.
    Singapore Republic Polytechnic

    The new Republic Polytechnic campus is located on a 20-hectare site near the Woodlands MRT station, Singapore. The central nucleus contains 11 'learning pods' (study rooms and labs) and one faculty centre. Common facilities are located on two elliptical decks called the Lawn and the Agora. There are also five satellite buildings including the Republic Polytechnic Centre, the Republic Cultural Centre, and a sports complex.

    Beca's Singapore office provided total building performance modelling to predict the energy comfort and the utility demands, setting a new benchmark for this type of facility in Singapore. The client wanted to offer a modern teaching facility but at the same time reduce operating costs.

    The building block arrangement of the complex already enhances natural breezeways but the use of façade shading and envelope design to reduce solar gain also helped to save on air conditioning costs.

    Open circuit chilled water thermal energy storage (TES) tanks are able to store 45% of the daily requirement for chilled water, and are recharged at night using low tariff electricity.

    This system has significantly reduced the maximum electrical demand compared to conventional solutions. It has provided significant savings in operating costs, as has the use of photovoltaic solar panel for some of the external lightings in the campus, and the use of newater (treated waste water) for cooling towers and irrigation tanks.

    Beca also provided an integrated mechanical and electrical design approach for the campus, including an IT infrastructure for wireless connectivity, a smoke control system design and an integrated security management access control system.


    • 2009 Design of the Year - President's Design Award, Singapore
    • 2008 Silver Award - Association of Consulting Engineers, New Zealand 
    • 2006 Platinum Award - Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore 
    Singapore Republic Polytechnic
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    Republic Polytechnic
    2002 - 2006
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