Keeping up with thirsty beer drinkers is a non-stop process. Brewing, bottling, packaging and distribution requires well-oiled machines….and maybe a robot or two.

Back in 2014, Lion asked us to help review the Tooheys, Australia depalletisers and palletisers. Identifying if the machinery met new safety standards was the priority, and it also presented an exciting opportunity to improve the layout and performance of the empty can and glass handling system.

For the GL4 glass line, enter the Foodmach Robomatrix depalletisers, the latest in robotic technology providing improved flexibility and reliability when transferring tens of thousands of empty glass bottles from pallet to production line. 

As part of an integrated team, Lion and Beca took up the challenge of installing three new depalletisers and upgrading two others– all without interrupting the 24/7 operations. Our role spanned the concept design, business case development, construction, commissioning and handover. In addition, we provided structural, services and architectural design and cost estimating services for balance of plant. 

Our decades of experience delivering brewery projects enabled us to come up with innovative designs, construction staging and execution to minimise disruption, often installing new equipment next to operating depalletisers. Safety was always our priority. 

Twenty months on, and the changeover is complete. With more than 360,000 cans and glass bottles able to move through the system every hour, there is now little chance of anyone going thirsty for their favourite cold beer.


Glass bottles per hour


Glass bottles per minute


Glass line makeover