Welcome to our podcast series where leaders across Beca discuss how our post-COVID-19 recovery and rebuild opportunities could support decarbonising New Zealand and contribute to a future of sustainable prosperity.

We recently published a report titled 'Decarbonising a prosperous New Zealand' which looked at eight key transitions that would best enable the country to rapidly shift to a low carbon economy. Over the course of 11 weeks our podcast series, built on this report, addressing some of the social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities, as well as contribute to the ongoing discussions about how we can get the best outcomes.

Listen to the series below

Ep.8 - Recovery of waste

The recovery of waste provides massive opportunities for New Zealand including environmental and economic improvements, with a lot of innovation added to the mix.

Ep.9 - Three waters

In this episode, listen to our team as they share insights on transisitions in three water systems in New Zealand.

Ep.10 - Social infrastructure

One of the big challenges ahead, is how to get the organisational and societal changes we need, at the rates we need them. We talk about working through the COVID-19 transitions (in and out of lockdown) and what we might be able to learn from these more broadly to apply to this decarbonisation challenge.

Ep.11 - Digital

In our final episode of our 'Getting to Carbon Positive' podcast series, we talk talk about the huge role digital and technology can have in helping us to decarbonise Aotearoa New Zealand and the opportunities this presents on a global scale.

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