Beca, supported by SpaceBase, bring you a webinar series designed to connect the New Zealand (NZ) space and information community with a focus to provide a forum for the community of NZ space and information domain stakeholders. Register for our latest webinar, or check out the series programme below.

Topic: Space situational awareness

Thursday 23 June

12pm NZ time  

Dr Jovan Skuljan will discuss Defence Technology Agency's optical Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capability and their work as part of a number of collaborative arrangements with international partners, most recently with the Phantom Echoes group, focusing on the proximity and rendezvous operations in the geostationary Earth orbit.
Terry van Haren of LeoLabs Australia will present on LeoLabs' vision of ‘securing safe and sustainable space’ through its innovative space surveillance radars and digital services. He will also discuss the importance of co-operation when it comes to space security.

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4. Commercial space start-ups 

Max Arshavsky CEO/CTO of Zenno Astronautics and Peter Toth CEO of Extraterrestrial Power discuss commercial space start-ups. Max dives into how Zenno was established, how their technology works, and what it can do for space right now and in the future. Peter explores key enabling solar cell technologies for space and lunar power applications.

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3. Space based data and information analysis

Kurt Janssen, CEO and founder of Orbica and Prof Ian Yule from PlantTech Research discuss the application and use of space based data and information analysis.   

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2. Setting the scene on New Zealand space - continued

The Director of the Te Pūnaha Ātea Space InstituteProf Guglielmo S Aglietti, provides an overview of New Zealand space from the perspective of the Space Institute, including an overview of what the Space Institute is doing within the space and information domain.

Roland Sommer from Aerospace Christchurch gives an industry perspective of the New Zealand space and information domain (as an industry body), and an overview of their role/purpose in the sector and how it may be evolving.

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1. Setting the scene on New Zealand space 

Tim Searle from NZ Space Agency and Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom and Eric Dahlstrom from SpaceBase set the scene on space within New Zealand. The NZ Space Agency provides the strategic context of NZ Space and NZ aspirations from a Government/policy perspective. SpaceBase outlines the NZ eco-system, and where NZ can play an important role and contribute to space both nationally and globally.

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