Revolutionise how you manage your facility

FACILITYtwin brings your facility to your fingertips, transforming productivity, risk, cost and flexibility outcomes by contextualising asset maintenance and performance data in user-centric, mobile and easy-to-use new visual interfaces.

FACILITYtwin is a platform-agnostic, best-of-breed, digital productivity tool that empowers operators of asset-intensive facilities - such as manufacturing plants, to plan and execute workflows with far greater certainty and precision. This radically improves 'right first time' task completion, reducing rework and providing a new perspective on the way operators interact with internal and external stakeholders for decision making. It's an essential tool that assists with every day operational and asset management activities by providing ready access to a range of key information, without interfering with your regulatory processes and systems. 

Beca has been making everyday better for facility operators for 100 years now and we provide a range of digital products globally, supported 24/7. Drawing on our rich engineering and project delivery heritage, FACILITYtwin has been designed to include a number of innovative features to wrap around your day-to-day maintenance and reliability, capital projects, operations, production changeovers or turnarounds, utilities, risk and compliance, Lifecycle Asset Management (LCAM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tasks.

FACILITYtwin also features an impressive toolkit:

  • Visualise your plant like never before
  • Locate your assets instantly without walkdowns
  • Access relevant asset information for the task, contextualised to their location, quickly and easily
  • Check dimensions and spatial constraints
  • Contextualise operational data
  • Simulate ‘what-if’ planning scenarios 
  • Digitally mark-up changes and share
  • Bring 2D drawings to life, through smart linking to 3D environments
  • Monitor equipment status for availability
  • Access a dedicated suite of features to support plan changeovers
  • Train employees, by introducing and refreshing their knowledge of new tasks and areas, reducing the need to walk down the plant

What’s more, FACILITYtwin is available on a range of mobile devices, meaning it can be easily accessible from anywhere, whenever your team needs it.

Contact our FACILITYtwin team below for a demo or brochure for more information.

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