Goodman saw an opportunity to review its Auckland office requirements and its existing work practices when its lease expiry was pending, and the opportunity to relocate to new premises within one of its own buildings arose.

Goodman had two key objectives for its new office fitout. The first was the need for an office that provided an activity based work (ABW) environment. As modern workplaces change and work practices become more mobile, the need to offer a flexible space that enables mobility was imperative. And the second was to ensure that the new space was energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

We were engaged from the outset of the project to ensure the fitout was as energy efficient as possible. LED lighting was integrated with dimmable switches and daylight harvesting along the northern wall of the new office. Occupancy sensors were installed in meeting rooms, adding to the energy efficiency of the space.

Water conservation is equally important to a business focused on minimising its environmental impact. Low flow fittings and appliances were installed in the kitchen and bathrooms to ensure water consumption and sewage outflows were reduced. The electrical and data systems were designed for flexibility, allowing the open office space to be quickly and easily rearranged. The control system was also reviewed to optimise the control sequence, improving the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system and increasing comfort levels.

The movement to ABW facilitated behavioural change. Work stations are now shut down when inactive and laptops are turned off and stored in lockers at the end of the day, with both practices contributing to a reduction in energy consumption.

The Goodman fit-out showcases the future of workspaces, incorporating aesthetically-pleasing design with environmental and energy efficient components. The final fitout provided a high level of occupant comfort, improved energy efficiency, and ongoing monitoring is showing a 50% reduction in energy consumption, compared to the previous Goodman Auckland office.

Goodman remains committed to sustainability, and its new office is expected to receive a 5 Star Green Star Office Interior rating for this extraordinary fitout.






reduction in energy use


saved on electricity, pa

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