Our energy future is being transformed by technological innovations that will deliver more sustainable outcomes, bringing greater energy security & affordability to business & consumers. Whatever project you’re considering, we can bring it to life!

Energy systems will be vastly different to what we know and use today. Fossil fuels have provided cheap and reliable energy solutions for decades, especially in remote areas where they’re often the only choice to ensure safe and stable electricity supply.

However, with the rise of renewables, conversion and storage technologies, the landscape has changed. This creates opportunity for new energy sources that are affordable, reliable, sustainable and will help us achieve our commitments of moving towards net zero carbon emissions.

The magnitude of these changes and the effect they will have on our societies is now just beginning to be properly comprehended.

Whatever type of energy project you’re considering – from solar, battery storage, wind, hydro, bioenergy, green hydrogen, or geothermal - we can help you through the whole process right from the start. This includes creating emission reduction pathways, the planning and assessment of environmental effects, through to solution and project delivery.

Complementary skills across our team means you can access all the advisory, engineering and project management experience you need in the one place with Beca.

Our People

Harshal Patel

Renewable Energy Lead and Technical Director

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Mark Jacob

Renewables Lead and Senior Principal - Power

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Phil Robson

Business Director - Energy NZ

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Shane Gowan

Sustainable Fuels Lead and General Manager - Industrial

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