Oil and Gas

Strong expertise to navigate industry intricacies

Oil and gas are some of the world’s richest natural resources. You need expertly planned and designed projects, operations and maintenance to help you extract, process and distribute them, with care.

Understanding the unique complexities of the oil and gas industry is at the heart of our offering - honed through years of experience working with a wide range of operating and contracting companies.

To help realise your project, we can offer core skills from feasibility studies and equipment design and engineering to hazardous area classification and controls and instrumentation. You can also receive specialist advice in areas such as CNG, LPG and seismic design of platforms.

Through our partnership with Wood Beca Oil and Gas, you’ll benefit from access to a global network of oil and gas specialists. This is combined with local, on-the-ground support that is readily available.


Our Oil and Gas Capabilities:

  • Asset Management Services
  • Business Performance
  • Construction
  • Engineering Services
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Studies

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