Special Purpose Facilities

Future-proofing your special purpose facility

Facilities like laboratories, cleanrooms and data centres have uniquely conflicting needs – generic yet specific, current yet future-proofed. We have the specialist skills and experience to create safe, energy efficient, cost-effective facilities.

We’re experts at balancing the different needs of special purpose facilities – from making health and safety central, to creating pleasant, functional working spaces.

As a long-term investment, we work closely with you to understand your current as well as your future needs. This understanding is vital to creating our flexible, functional and comfortable designs.

Cost-efficiency is also key. To deliver this, our design philosophy incorporates evaluations of long-life plant selections, lifecycle costings and more. Where possible, we aim for energy efficient buildings too.

Cleanrooms represent different design challenges. By using a logical and proven methodology, we reduce the introduction or creation of airborne particles. Come and talk to us about how we can help create your unique facility today.

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