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Sam started at Beca as part of our Beca Graduate Development Programme and is now an Associate Electrical Engineer and team leader lighting the way for projects across Australasia. Read about his journey at Beca.

1. What attracted you to Beca? 

Beca was well known at my university (The University of Auckland) as the largest engineering consultancy in New Zealand which naturally made it coveted amongst my peers. But what really set Beca apart for me was the people attending the career evenings. Throughout the years each presenter came across genuine and seemed to really enjoy their work but more importantly they were proud of their respective specialty! When graduate applications came around, Beca was my first choice.

2. On your first day at Beca, what stood out to you? 

I joined at a very busy time for the Building Services section as it was a couple months out from the Rugby World Cup, so you can imagine the amount of tourism work. Everyone was very busy but they all still made time for me, people put my development ahead of their own time. I felt very welcome and comfortable from day one.

3. What sort of projects have you been involved in? 

I’ve been involved in lots of projects but mainly in commercial office, education and tourism sectors. Some of my project highlights to date are:

  • AUT Building Mana Hauora (MH) – a new educational facility in the AUT South Campus. I was very proud to contribute to the success of Mana Hauora as the building is a hub for the local community which also gives easier access to tertiary education for the local community.
  • Adelaide Casino Redevelopment – a new hotel and casino development that joins to the existing Adelaide Casino. This project gave me the opportunity to travel overseas for work and gain exposure to engineering and project culture outside of New Zealand.
  • New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) – My current project and possibly the largest commercial building project in New Zealand. The size and magnitude of this building proves that NZ building industry competes internationally.

4. What has been your favourite accomplishment at Beca? 

Since becoming a team leader, I’ve set my objectives around improving the team and the respective individuals. My favourite accomplishment to date is being able to pass on my knowledge to other people and seeing others succeed. I was ecstatic to receive feedback within the team that everyone genuinely felt everyone cared about everyone else.

5. What gets you out of bed every morning? 

I enjoy the people I work with because they really care. Our team has each other’s back, many times we’ve stopped our individual tasks to help a project cross the finish line. 

6. How does the work you do ‘make everyday better’ for our clients and communities? 

One of my key responsibilities on NZICC is ensuring the health and safety of Beca staff working on site. Construction has inherent risks, while I’m on site I keep a keen eye out for potential hazards or risks that may affect any workers on site. I have passed on observations and recommendations which has made the site a safer place for everyone, our employees, contractors and the client.

7. What does the next 12 months hold for you? 

The NZICC is programmed through to the end of 2019. With the primary structure works coming to an end and the internal fitout and services work rapidly increasing I’m hoping I can duplicate myself… the next year will be busy and exciting!

Our team has each other’s back, many times we’ve stopped our individual tasks to help a project cross the finish line.

Samuel Wang,

Associate - Electrical Engineering

Sam out on site for one of our clients.
Sam Wang also loves to explore and travel the world! Here he is in Barcelona, Spain.
Sam out on site for one of our clients.