What gets you out of bed every morning?

The people I work with and the projects I am fortunate to be involved in. The projects challenge me every day, but the people I work with make the challenges and the effort rewarding.

Regan Secco

Senior Project Manager

Regan Secco is a Senior Project Manager in our Defence and National Security team in our Canberra office.  He shares what he values about the Beca culture and the variety of projects he has been involved in. 

1. When did you first learn about Beca? What attracted you to join us? 

I first learnt of Beca through a mutual connection, who introduced me to the Canberra Section Manager at the time. Once I started looking into the company, I found that their values aligned with my own and I was driven by the attitudes of the people I was fortunate to meet as I started my journey.

2. What's your favourite part about being part of the Beca family?

The culture within Beca is amazing, and you do really feel like you’re valued and part of a team. Everyone is willing to support and help each other, and that collegial attitude at work makes it a great place.

3. What has surprised you about working at Beca? 

The dynamic and strategic nature of some of the projects Beca works on has been eye opening. Working within Defence & National Security has provided access to areas within Defence that in my previous career I would not have been able to influence or support.

4. What sort of projects have you been involved in?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in a number of dynamic and challenging projects. Having the ability to work across a number of key groups within Defence, being CASG, E&IG and now Joint Logistics Command, has given me a broad and varied education and development opportunity that I didn’t anticipate occurring so quickly when I first joining Beca.

5. What has been your favourite accomplishment at Beca?

Being trusted to support the ADF Fuels GRAF Project. This project is a significant challenge for both the client, as well as the project team. But the outcomes being sought will redefine how fuel is managed within Defence and is the most significant change step for the organisation in a generation. Whilst it may be challenging now, what we are setting out to achieve will provide real-time and tangible benefit to the organisation for decades to come.

6. Which Beca value resonates with you most and why? 

I think Partnership as a value within Beca resonates with me. This is reflected in the way in which Beca provides a strong work/life balance, but also the way in which it seeks to engage with our clients. The engagement is rarely, in my experience, purely transactional, and I think this approach is appreciated by the client. There is genuine drive to make every day better for the clients we support and work with.

7. Describe an opportunity that you've had at Beca that has shaped your role or career right now

Working with E&IG supporting their Data Remediation Program provided me a number of tangible opportunities to demonstrate, as well as develop, my skill sets so early in my career. Whilst the project was not without its challenges, the team was fantastic, and everyone was driven to see the project succeed. Sometimes the more difficult projects are often the most rewarding.

8. Provide three words that best describe your team culture

Driven, social, professional.

9. What gets you out of bed every morning? 

The people I work with and the projects I am fortunate to be involved in. The projects challenge me every day, but the people I work with make the challenges and the effort rewarding.

10. How does the work you do 'make everyday better' for our clients and communities?

The projects are significant, and having had a previous career in Defence, I know that the differences will be felt by the soldiers, sailors and airmen and women. Ultimately, they are the reason we do what we do, to support them and make their job easier and safer so they can focus on their purpose and their role within Defence.

11. What advice would you give to someone starting out their career or to anyone thinking of joining Beca? 

Take every opportunity presented to you. Good or bad, each is an opportunity to learn and develop. Beca - both the people and the company - will do everything it can to support you to succeed. Beca provides a great culture to learn and thrive if you are motivated, forward leaning and are willing to take the initiative. 

12. What does the next 12 months hold for you?

At this stage the Fuels project, but I am also trying to develop my Business acumen, both internal and external. There is always something to do within Beca additional to delivery, so taking all opportunities to learn and professionally develop.

13. If you could meet one famous/inspirational person, living or dead, who would it be and why? 

Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the most driven, motivated and dynamic people you could imagine. Has taken every opportunity presented and challenged himself to succeed in every endeavour. Does not seem like the sort of person to sit still for too long, so his advice and stories would be fantastic.

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