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Matt Sturge joined Beca over 11 years ago and in that time his career has flourished. As Section Manager for our Auckland Civil Structures team, Matt has worked on some of Auckland’s biggest projects, including the Manukau Harbour Crossing Alliance, Waterview Alliance and SH20A to Airport Alliance.


Matt has loved working with the team as Section Manager since 2014. But change is afoot as he takes on the role of Design Manager for a very exciting infrastructure project underway to support large event taking place in 2021 – the America’s Cup. This means we’re looking for someone to fill his role leading the Auckland Civil Structures team. Matt shares a little bit about the role, what he’s most proud of, and advice for the new section lead.

What’s the thing you’ll miss most about being the Section Manager for Auckland’s Civil Structures team?

Having a front row seat watching people grow and develop. I have been privileged to play a role in facilitating the career progression of a large number of people over the years. The Section Manager role provides a unique opportunity to directly influence the opportunities provided to people. The role provides guidance and support as people navigate their way from project to project. Seeing people really nail their roles and going from strength to strength is hugely rewarding.

Can you describe a typical day in the role?

Almost all of my time is spent talking to and working with people. I will typically spend the first hour of the day walking around and talking to the team about what they are working on, whether they are getting the support they need, and what they got up to over the weekend! I often have a few meetings during the day which vary in purpose – one-on-one quick reviews with my team leaders, client or project meetings, business strategy meetings and so on. In between times I catch up on emails or nip out for a lunchtime run with workmates.

What’s been one of your biggest achievements at Beca?

Playing a lead role on the Waterview Tunnel as Structures Design Manager. Being a part of the bid team and the exhilaration when we got the call that we had won! And then the two years leading the design of some of the most complex structures in New Zealand. From underground structures, to bridges, to retaining walls – it had it all!

How does the work you do ‘make everyday better’?

By creating the environment for our people to be their best. A Section Manager sets the culture for the team, and we have a culture of teamwork and enjoyment that I am extremely proud of.

Is there any advice you’d give to the person who moves into the Section Manager role?

Take the opportunity to grow relationships both internally and within the industry. The Section Manager is the leader of our business. Understand the capabilities of the team and throughout Beca as a whole and build your industry network. And remember, our people are our biggest asset, so the team should be the number one priority!

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A Section Manager sets the culture for the team, and we have a culture of teamwork and enjoyment that I am extremely proud of.

Matt Sturge,

Section Manager - Civil Structures