Meet Jasmine Aujla-Sandhu

A graduate with a passion for new and emerging technology

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From the sunshine of the Bay of Islands to the winds of Wellington, Jasmine has translated her passion for new and emerging technology into creating more efficient workplace processes – helped by her access to our industry-leading technical software.

2016 was a big year for Jasmine – her first as a graduate engineer, following graduation from the University of Auckland. Making the move to the workplace from university had always intrigued her – according to blogs she reads, the differences between university life and work life are massive. Yet, after one year at Beca, she’s realised that, in fact, both experiences are similar. At university, you’re trained how to approach a problem. In the workplace, you build on this by working with people to create solutions that solve problems.

University might be all about the education and learning new things, but that’s exactly what Jasmine’s experienced at Beca too. She’s taken lots of opportunities to learn something new, from graduate conferences to lunchtime training sessions. She’s even stood in as the Social Club president for the Wellington office, getting to meet a wide range of staff, working with external contacts and managing budgets and events.

Beyond interesting work projects that allow Jasmine to explore her passion for creating energy efficient and sustainable designs, she’s a big fan of Beca’s culture. The recent Kaikoura earthquake had a huge impact on the operations and people in the Wellington office. But the people of Beca came together to support each other – testament to our great culture.

As a graduate, I am one of many who spent 2016 learning, interacting and experiencing. Such a culture is essential to keep a person, team or company moving forward in our ever-changing world. Here at Beca, this is how we make things happen.

Jasmine Aujla-Sandhu,

Electrical Engineer