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George has progressed from senior landscape architect to a team leader and now Manager for Urban Design & Landscape Architecture – something that reflects the opportunities that Beca provides and his passion for generating positive change.

Since starting in 2015, George has felt a real sense of ownership in the direction of the Design Practice. Being part of strategy sessions and huis (meeting in Māori) gives the team visibility across the business. The culture isn’t typical of a multi-disciplinary consultancy – the projects are diverse and exciting, and the studio environment allows creativity to flourish.

The key thing for George is how we work together - graduates and technical leaders across numerous disciplines and geographical locations sharing their smarts to deliver creative solutions. We’re big on integrating innovative design solutions into our projects, and working collaboratively with clients and the community.

He has a personal interest in sustainability and green infrastructure, and enjoys working for a company that empowers him to help drive and embed these initiatives in his work.

Cheering him on from the side-lines is his family. With three kids and an interest in rugby to keep him busy outside of work, he’s grateful for the flexibility his career provides and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Beca isn’t your typical multi-disciplinary consultancy – the projects are diverse and exciting, and there are lots of opportunities to play a big part in growing the future and affecting change.

George Woolford,

Design Practice Team Leader / Senior Landscape Architect