Chung is also the winner of ACES Young Consulting Engineer of the Year Award 2018.

What are your thoughts on trends in the property market in Singapore? How is Beca providing value in this space?
Smart buildings technologies such as BIM and IoT (Internet of Things) are currently reshaping the construction and real estate industries, by increasing the productivity of construction activities and coordinating the decision-making process across various stakeholders.

I foresee smart building technology continuing to evolve with contributions from technology enthusiasts, regulatory bodies and property developers. We might also see automated design compliance checks or even automated building design tools in coming years.

As an early adopter of smart building technology applications, combined with our collective wealth of knowledge in building consulting, Beca is able to integrate this innovative technology into our client’s projects. This ultimately results in more cost and energy efficient building designs and enhanced wellbeing of the building occupants in their living and working spaces. 

What are 3 standout projects that you’ve worked on at Beca? 
DUO Singapore – I worked on this project from the beginning, especially in regards to the sustainability systems of this large development.

Environment Building, Singapore – I was involved in the addition and alteration of the mechanical services for this established building from January 2016. My work here involved replacing chiller plants, amalgamating hydraulic systems and replacing the building’s pipe systems. This project was particularly challenging as it had to be done around a live site, without unduly inconveniencing existing occupants. 

Research Support Building, Nanyang Technological University Singapore – I worked on the upgrade and expansion of the 2-storey lab facilities for this important research university, in the role of chief Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Engineer. This project involved maintaining vital airflow and exhaust systems to the laboratories, whilst balancing these power-hungry demands with the need for energy efficiency. It was very rewarding to see the different aspects of the design work so well together.

What trends do you see emerging in the buildings landscape that will shape our profession? 
The engineering profession as a whole is evolving and adopting to changes in global economic and social trends. However, our goal remains the same, that is to help society build safe and energy efficient buildings that also meet the operational needs of their occupants. Engineers have to be open to new technology and we also have an important role to play in bridging the knowledge gap between the research/academic world and the ‘real world’ of industry practice. 

How did you get into engineering?
During high school, I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to take, however I knew I had an affinity for maths. I didn’t dream of working in engineering specifically, but decided to take this path after university provided me with good opportunities to develop my interests (including in energy studies), which eventually led me into Mechanical Engineering.

What do you enjoy about working for Beca?
In the six years I’ve been working for Beca, the thing I’ve most come to enjoy is the core value of care. My colleagues here are very willing to assist, to help and to mentor each other, especially when it comes to new engineers. The care I see in Beca is very good and we have great systems in place to keep us grounded.

What does winning the ACES Young Consulting Engineer of the Year award mean to you?
It’s given me a boost in confidence, to continue excelling in the engineering industry and apply for professional engineering registration here in Singapore. It’s also given me an even greater appreciation of the role engineering plays in society, i.e. the ‘social contract’ aspect.

What advice would you give to a graduate mechanical engineer beginning their career?
Don’t be afraid to try new things and adopt an attitude of “giving it a go”. Grit is very important – don’t give up easily and persist in pursuing your career goals. Be open to new challenges by putting your hand up for new assignments/projects and keep in mind the fact we’re making society better through the work we do.

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My colleagues here are very willing to assist, to help and to mentor each other, especially when it comes to new engineers.

Aw Chung Seng,

Mechanical Engineer