Meet Caitlin Platt

An adventure-seeking, problem-solving GIS analyst.

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Caitlin left behind the sunny shores of Australia to embrace a once-in-a-career opportunity to help rebuild a city.

Caitlin’s move to Christchurch, New Zealand, came about by a chance Google encounter. An outdoor adventurer, she’d spent time during her university studies at the University of Victoria in Canada, trying everything from caving and white water kayaking to surfing and scuba diving. While Googling ‘tour guide black water rafting’, she also was intrigued to find Beca come up as a potential employer.

Now Caitlin is working as a GIS analyst, with a hands-on approach to design and using her scientific background to explore creative possibilities. With both a Bachelor of Science (Geosciences) and a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design), her interesting blend of art and science really suits her current role.

Caitlin’s life at Beca includes working with many areas and disciplines in our business and she gets involved in challenging, diverse projects that allow her to make a real difference – like the Christchurch rebuild.

And her life outside of work is just as adventurous as she'd hoped with that first Google search. In Christchurch, Caitlin gets to enjoy the thrills of night surfing, tramping, half marathon running and rock climbing.

It's exciting

Christchurch has an opportunity to start from scratch. I’ve been hearing people’s stories about the earthquakes; they are still reliving their experiences and talking about their journey. I get a real sense of excitement about the rebuild.

Caitlin Platt ,

GIS Analyst