My personal values to work to deliver great outcomes and sustainable change with and for communities are integral to Beca’s vision and purpose.

Amelia Linzey

Group Director - Advisory and Chief Planner

Beca is a definite multi career journey for me. While I have been with the company for over 20 years, I have had exciting opportunities to work on a variety of different types of projects and project teams. My career has traversed different technical areas: planner, social impact specialist, engagement lead and project lead, as well as a variety of management and leadership roles: as project director, member of management teams in Alliances, Sustainability Champion and member of Beca’s Board. What I love about working at Beca is that my personal values to work to deliver great outcomes and sustainable change with and for communities is integral to Beca’s vision (transforming our world) and purpose (making everyday better).

    1. What attracted you to Beca? 

It was the people. I applied for a job and, being an overly honest person, ended up telling my interviewer that I did not really want the job (foiled by the simple ‘where do you want to be in five years' time’ question). But the interviewer saw something in me and worked with me to find an opportunity that better matched my strengths. I was really attracted by an organisation that was able to do that, and to look out for opportunities for people. 

    1. Tell us about your vision for the Advisory business? 

I think we have fantastic people in our business with a real passion for working collaboratively with clients to tackle their problems and find solutions that can be implemented. Our Advisory group has the strength of Beca’s strong infrastructure and asset delivery behind it, but the independence to see new ways of doing things, to share lessons across industries and clients and to keep focus to helping make clients and their customers' everyday better. Some of the really exciting areas where we can support our clients is around responding to the challenge of sustainable urban development and decarbonising our economy, the use of and opportunities of digital solutions, complex programme management and navigating the implications of legislative reform for our clients. 

    1. What stands out you to you about our Beca culture?

We are people who stand behind and alongside the projects we help to shape, build, and operate/maintain with our clients. We are at our best when we collaborate – and that’s when we can solve the most complex and wicked problems. Our culture starts from our values: we act with honesty, tenacity, care and fun and we see things through. 

    1. What are the most memorable projects you’ve been involved with? 

This is a really long list. The common features of those projects is that the shape and change the way communities can live, work or play.  For example, in Auckland I have been involved in projects like the Britomart Rail Station, the Waterview Connection, working with Kainga Ora on the Auckland Unitary Plan and working with AT and Waka Kotahi on the Supporting Growth Programme. But there are also smaller projects that shape how our Clients can deliver their goals and shape how they connect with their communities that I really value being able to be part of. 

    1. What is your favourite accomplishment at Beca? 

This is a tough one, working with the great people in our organization I have been involved in teams that do all sorts of amazing things in a wide range places and again, I am not sure that I can name a specific favourite. I have had the opportunity to be part of the growth of Aotearoa. I have been involved in projects that make have improved public transport for Auckland, that have improved the water quality of our coastal environments, that have shaped our cities and communities. Two recent highlights for me are: a NZ Inc accomplishment which was my role on the panel in the review of the resource management system and; a more Beca specific one, the work I have been part of to bring sustainability into our systems and client delivery. 

    1. What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Learning something new – every day. 

    1. How does the work you do ‘make everyday better’ for our clients and communities? 

Advisory is about providing support to our clients to help them define their problems and to work collaboratively with them, their partners and our communities to shape solutions. At Beca, we see this problem-solving through to supporting clients to deliver and operate assets and services on the ground. The test of success is whether we can say to ourselves that our support for our Clients made their processes, projects or programmes better.


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