Supporting sustainable population growth in a city like Auckland requires forward thinking and holistic planning, with innovative and integrated housing, transport and urban design solutions.

Urban development and regeneration must retain and build on the inherent character that makes Auckland’s communities the diverse and vibrant places they are today.

Our vision is to help our clients and partners increase the availability of healthy, safe and sustainable housing. 

We will do this by unlocking more land for development, improving access to quality and affordable housing, and fully-integrating our design solutions for inclusive, quality-built environments and connected communities.


Additional dwellings required by 2050


Increase in house prices in past five years


Current dwellings in Auckland

Planning for an urban intensification evolution

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Alex Fullerton

Principal - GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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Amelia Linzey

Group Director – Advisory and Chief Planner

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Ceri Bain

Senior Project Director - Project Strategy & Delivery

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