Building a vibrant future

Building a vibrant future

Together with clients and our communities, we're helping create a vibrant future for Christchurch.

When the grounds shook during the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand, we were right there alongside our clients and community. The building we were in no longer exists and, after six years in temporary accommodation, we were delighted to re-join the heart of the city.

Supported by our multi-disciplinary team around New Zealand and the world, we’ve been helping to rebuild and protect structures, equipment and infrastructure in Christchurch from future disaster. Low damage design, base isolation, resilient infrastructure – implementing these in ways that haven’t been widely used before. And adopting green building design and technologies that reduce operating and environmental costs over their lifetime.

Our Southern Regional Manager, Letitia Drury, reflects on the past 10 years and what we've achieved together with our clients and communities.

"10 years on it is amazing to see the transformation of our city, the vibrant public spaces, landmark buildings and the creative and innovative technologies that have been brought to these…and we’re not done yet! There’s still plenty more to achieve on this journey to realise the full potential of a modern, resilient and sustainable city. We're super excited to keep working alongside our clients and communities as the beating heart of Otautahi gets stronger and stronger!"

What our people say

The last 10 years have been a wild, rocky, rollercoaster ride. Throughout, community spirit has been key to progress. We're proud to have played a central role in the rebuild over the years. Take the opportunity to look around – at the city and the people – and reflect on how far we’ve come together. Kia kaha, whanau.

Ian Macbeth

Manager – Southern Water

Sometimes it feels like the last 10 years have flown by, and at other times it feels like a lifetime ago that Christchurch was in its pre-quake form. Ten years on I feel proud of how Christchurch has responded and of the contribution we’ve been able to make as engineers to the new fabric of our city. The CBD is feeling vibrant these days and it's cool to see people enjoying the spaces we’ve helped create.

Jaclyn Pow

Associate - Building services

Post-earthquake I watched many friends leave the city. However, I could see no other place I wanted to be – here we had an opportunity to re-build a first world city from the ground up. We’ve come a long way and some of my highlights have been getting involved in cycleway planning as well as various transitional projects that have bought life back to the central city. 

Emily Cambridge 

Associate - Landscape Architecture

The Canterbury earthquake sequence is arguably the most studied with research projects, papers and observations increasing our understanding of the seismic behaviour of the ground. For me the past 10 years have been marked by learnings, innovation and more resilient design – the earthquakes have been life changing in so many ways. 

Richard Young

Technical Director - Geotechnical

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Rebuild projects

10 years

Alongside our Christchurch community

Getting Christchurch back on its feet

Together with Christchurch City Council we're helping improve environmental outcomes to Christchurch & beyond through Yoogo's electric-vehicle car-sharing service.
Beca signs Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter
Dubbed the ‘Cardboard Cathedral' for its innovative use of materials, Christchurch Transitional Cathedral became an important symbol of hope during the rebuild.
Restored to its former glory and strengthened against future earthquakes – Orton Bradley Park's historic Old Stone Cottage is officially open again.
Two of our engineers created a children's book that explains the amazing work SCIRT has done to rebuild Christchurch’s underground infrastructure.
Together with Christchurch City Council we're helping improve environmental outcomes to Christchurch & beyond through Yoogo's electric-vehicle car-sharing service.

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I always knew we would come back

On 10 April 2017, our Christchurch office celebrated moving back into the central city community and the start of an exciting new future.

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