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Together with clients and our communities, we're helping create a vibrant future for Christchurch.

When the grounds shook during the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes in New Zealand, we were right there alongside our clients and community. The building we were in no longer exists and, after six years in temporary accommodation, we were delighted to re-join the heart of the city.

Supported by our multi-disciplinary team around New Zealand and the world, we’ve been helping to rebuild and protect structures, equipment and infrastructure in Christchurch from future disaster. Low damage design, base isolation, resilient infrastructure – implementing these in ways that haven’t been widely used before. And adopting green building design and technologies that reduce operating and environmental costs over their lifetime.

Our Chief Technical Officer Craig Price, acknowledges the tremendous efforts of our community.

"Our people and our clients were heavily impacted by the earthquakes, and we’ve put our hearts and souls into getting the city back on its feet. Our thoughts remain with those who lost so much – their loved ones, homes and livelihoods. The earthquakes were a catalyst to create a more modern, resilient and sustainable city and we’re proud to be playing a part in this bright new future for Christchurch."

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