The continued pursuit of new, effective and innovative training concepts is a challenge most businesses can relate to. At Beca we have been looking at new ways to engage and excite our people, while imparting valuable awareness that will help keep them safe whilst working across our varied work sites.

One of the key skills we want our people to develop is the ability to identify hazards they may encounter in the variety of workplaces they enter on client business. But how could we do this in a cost and time effective way at no risk, but with greater engagement and realism than the traditional use of image or movie?

The speed at which technology has moved in recent years provided the perfect solution – virtual reality (VR). Developed collaboratively with our tech-savvy Beca team, we developed a cost effective way to immerse our staff in hazardous environments from the safety of the office.

This month – October Safety Month – we rolled out the interactive safety experience, together with VR cardboard viewers across all our offices. Employees place their phone in the viewer and effectively view the scenario as if they were standing in the middle of it by simply turning their head.

To provide additional learning outcomes in the form of hazard identification and control techniques, our employees were then encouraged to complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) on the scene they viewed. These JSA’s were submitted and assessed by the HSE team, with regional prizes for the most effective way of identifying and controlling the hazards and risks. 

We’ve found the initiative very successful, particularly among our younger team members who are quick to engage with the medium.

The end result? More Beca staff have a raised level of awareness and are trained in identifying the onsite hazards present at our varied work sites. This has been particularly effective for our less experienced people, who are quickly and practically upskilled in hazard identification and resolution.

Another great example of creative minds working together to transform our world!

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