Welcome back to our "Getting to carbon positive" podcasts series, where our leaders discuss how our post-COVID-19 recovery and rebuild opportunities could support decarbonising New Zealand and contribute to a future of sustainable prosperity.

Sustainable food production and the growth of wood products – two big areas for economic growth in New Zealand. These hot topics are discussed with Dr Mark Dresser and Paul Robilliard in Episode 7 of our Getting to Carbon Positive podcast series – Agriculture and forestry.

In this episode discover how sustainable food products, particularly sustainable agriculture, is such a big opportunity in New Zealand and how we’re in an enviable position to help change sustainable food production around the world. We dive into the challenges and opportunities to ignite your thinking, including biochar and on-farm planting.

We also talk about forest industries and why it is such an exciting area of growth, and the benefits that using timber in construction provides. Find out about some of the challenges facing the industry and what we might need to do to address these, as well as what the big opportunities in forestry industries are for decarbonisation.

Make everyday better · Getting to carbon positive: Episode 7 - Agriculture and forestry


For more insights, check out our full report on 'Decarbonising a prosperous New Zealand' which looks at eight key transitions that would best enable the country to rapidly shift to a low carbon economy. Or read our report on Agriculture and forestry

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Marc Dresser

Principal - Environmental Scientist

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Paul Robilliard

Business Manager - Oji Kinleith

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