Carcass spray chillers are changing the way we do business – helping plants achieve up to a 140 day shelf life on chilled meat products, without sacrificing quality or yield. Refrigeration and yield enhancement play a critical role in unlocking value in the meat industry, in particular the growing demand for chilled meat in international markets.

In 1882 a ship named the Dunedin sailed from New Zealand to London and proved the technical and financial feasibility of exporting refrigerated meat with the delivery of some 5,000 frozen carcasses after a voyage of 98 days. Only one carcass was condemned, and the New Zealand and Australian Land Company made a healthy profit of £4,700 from the voyage.

Refrigeration continues to play a critical role in unlocking value and new markets in the meat industry. Over 130 years ago this journey was a considerable achievement in meat cooling technology. Today we’re still evolving and unlocking more advanced technology than ever before – helping the meat industry maximise plant operating potential. Optimising carcass spray chilling is at the core of getting the best results – and it’s delivering fantastic results.

Optimising the value of chilled meat means minimising dehydration losses during the chilling process and maximising the product shelf life to demonstrate freshness to the consumer. Recently I’ve worked with a client to optimise a spray chilling system with excellent results. Through carefully managed changes, 140 day shelf life on chilled products has been achieved, increasing options for freight, opening new markets, improving the experience of consumers, and ultimately adding to the bottom line.

Well specified and reliable carcass spray chillers are becoming increasingly critical to achieving those objectives. The key chiller variables are:

  • Cooling cycle profile and time
  • Meat temperature curve
  • Water spray frequency and duration.

A well specified system will be tailored to the specific needs of the abattoir, reflecting the nature of the stock it typically receives. I have seen optimised spray chillers deliver:

  • A reduction in chilling time of more than 10%
  • A reduction in carcass shrink from 3% to less than 0.5% compared with conventional chillers
  • Improved shelf-life due to quicker chilling and improved carcass management and handling practices.

Through our understanding of the industry and extensive network of experienced providers, we’re delivering end to end results for our clients – from engineering a solution to suit their needs, through to delivery systems and project management. Our clients are now finding they’re achieving better value than ever before.

We have an extensive understanding of all aspects of the chiller cycle. Get in touch today to see how we can help you optimise your plant and add value to your operation today.


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