Taking care of our environment

Something as precious as our environment needs tender love and care. That’s why we’re striving to be a sustainable business – from the inside out.

We know that the decisions we make every day affect us now and in the future. And together, we have a collective responsibility to do our bit and make a positive impact on the world – both locally and globally.


For us, taking care of the environment means putting sustainability at the heart of what we do. On this journey, we’re focusing on the road ahead and what issues and trends need attention.

The most positive impact we can have on this planet is by working with you – our clients, our people and our communities – to help you succeed.

This means continually challenging and improving sustainable outcomes, and looking for new, smarter ways of doing things.

Whether we’re delivering renewable energy solutions to the Pacific, on an internal sustainable travel crusade, or collecting data for climate change research – we’re working with you to transform our world for generations to come.

View our Environmental Commitment.

What We've Done

  • Sustainability Leadership Awards

    Singapore celebrates winning the SGBC-BCA Business Leadership in Sustainability Award.

    Leading the way
  • Sustainable Development

    Our new ideas and thinking help you on your journey toward being a more sustainable organisation.

    Go green
  • Taking care of our communities

    We’re passionate about transforming our world to be a stronger, happier, and more sustainable place for our communities.

    Making an impact