Beca Singapore receives inaugural Sustainability Leadership Award

Our Singapore team are celebrating a significant win in the sustainability space – having received the Business Leadership in Sustainability Award at the inaugural 2016 SGBC-BCA Sustainability Leadership Awards Gala Dinner last Tuesday.

Held during Singapore Green Building Week, the awards are jointly organised by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), and aimed at showcasing and celebrating the achievements of Singapore companies and building projects that are leading the way on sustainability in the built environment.

The Business Leadership in Sustainability category recognises companies, which are truly integrating sustainability into their business models and contributing to the transition towards a sustainable built environment.

Lee Ang Seng, Singapore's Managing Director says, "We're delighted to win this award as it is testament to our commitment to environmental sustainability within our business and through the projects we undertake."

Beca will go on to represent Singapore to compete in the 2016 World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Leadership Awards in Green Building in October this year, alongside some of the most sustainable companies and building projects in the Asia Pacific region.

Irene Yong who leads Beca's environmentally-sustainable design (ESD) team in Singapore has been instrumental in advocating and adopting Green Building design.

"I would like to think we are catalysts for transforming projects into green projects" she says. "Buildings around the world today are being challenged to improve energy-efficiency, water-efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. As the environmental impact of buildings become more apparent, ESD is gaining momentum."

"One day, I really hope to see Singapore recognised as a leader in Green Building design, not only in Asia, but around the world."

For more information about the awards, visit the SGBC website.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Singapore is transforming into a 'Green Nation' and who is helping to make it happen: