Research reveals businesses have more to contribute to New Zealand’s disaster recovery

A report by Resilient New Zealand released today highlights New Zealand's ability to recover from natural disasters will improve if businesses and other government and community organisations work closely to contribute to the recovery.

Formed earlier this year by Beca, BNZ, IAG, New Zealand Red Cross and Vodafone, Resilient New Zealand is an organisation working to identify, champion and advocate ways New Zealand can be more resilient to natural disasters – both to lessen their impact and enable better recovery.

The report by Resilient New Zealand, titled 'Contributing more: Improving the role of business in recovery' draws on more than 50 in-depth interviews with business, government and community leaders involved in the Canterbury earthquake recovery. The recommendations promote a holistic approach to ensure the right environment is created to get business to act, contribute, and set a direction for collaborating with other organisations to achieve tangible change.

Recent events in New Zealand, in particular, the tragedy of the Canterbury earthquakes, have informed the business sector's ability to handle future disasters, including a desire to contribute to the economic and social well-being of their communities following disasters.

Beca's New Zealand Managing Director, Don Lyon says Beca was pleased to be a founding partner of Resilience New Zealand and is looking forward to working with other organisations and businesses on taking the recommendations in the report to another level so they are supported and implemented. "For us, resilience planning must take a holistic approach that looks comprehensively at the resources and ability of communities, infrastructure, businesses, and systems – both here and abroad – to reduce risk, build resilience and accelerate recovery should disaster strike."

"With a significant presence in Christchurch, Beca - our people, and our clients were heavily impacted by the earthquakes, and following the events, we continue to be heavily involved in most aspects of the rebuild. Our experience through-out the Asia Pacific has taught us the vital role the business sector plays when actively engaged as a partner, helping communities to reduce risks and recover well from disaster. We saw this first Resilience New Zealand study as a significant opportunity to share some of our own experience, and by doing so, provide a valuable contribution to improving disaster resilience and recovery across the country."

The report represents a starting point for change, and Resilient New Zealand are now working with interested parties to help implement the report’s recommendations.

A copy of the report and further information about Resilient New Zealand can be found at www.resilientnewzealand.co.nz.

Beca's team has front-line expertise across all aspects of resilience and disaster planning, and has been working extensively in New Zealand and across the Pacific to reduce risks and increase the resilience of clients and communities. Beca's services include:

  • Strategic, urban and hazard planning
  • Resilient building and infrastructure engineering
  • Vulnerability assessments and risk management
  • Seismic assessment and mitigation
  • Flood risk analysis
  • Environmental management and land use planning
  • Emergency and post disaster response
  • Emergency and crisis management planning
  • Climate change adaptation strategies
  • Disaster risk management

For more information about Beca's resilience offering, please contact Alex Edmonds or Steve Mason.

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