Eight new Beca Technical Fellows appointed

Beca welcomed eight new Technical Fellows to the ranks of distinguished specialists at our Delivery and Technical Leadership Conference in October. They join the ranks of the 34 Beca Technical Fellows who have been appointed since the inception of this aspirational award in 2013.

The eight recipients were honoured in front of their peers for their outstanding technical skills, expertise and leadership.

According to David Carter, Group Director - Practice Development, the title of Technical Fellow is all about recognising and continuing to embed a sustained commitment to excellence among Beca’s technical leaders and future leaders. "Our new Technical Fellows set a benchmark for providing consistently excellent and future-focused standards for others. It is a great pleasure to be able to recognise their achievements and acknowledge the tremendous contribution they continue to make in their respective fields and within the wider industry."

Our newly inducted Technical Fellows are listed in order of appearance between Beca CEO, Greg Lowe, and Group Director - Practice Development, David Carter.

Geoff Brown
Area of specialisation – Civil structural engineering

Ross Brown
Area of specialisation – Geometric design and road safety

Andrew Campbell
Area of specialisation – Industrial mechanical engineering

Adrian Dickison
Area of specialisation – Industrial chemical engineering

Daryn Glasgow
Area of specialisation – Fire engineering

John Hallett
Area of specialisation – Pavement engineering

Rob Ross
Area of specialisation – Food and Beverage Processing

Stephen Witherden
Area of specialisation – Software engineering

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