Beca leading the way for sustainable infrastructure

Beca is proud to be a founding New Zealand-based member of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), the peak industry body for advancing and setting the industry standards in sustainability in infrastructure.

ISCA is broadening its remit to include New Zealand by establishing a New Zealand version of the Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool (IS Rating Tool). Beca is also a member of the New Zealand Advisory Group made up of industry and government organisations throughout New Zealand, championing this initiative.

"Infrastructure Sustainability can be defined as, infrastructure that is designed, constructed and operated to optimise environmental, social and economic outcomes of the long term" - www.isca.org.au.

Graham Spargo, Beca Senior Technical Director of Planning in Wellington is part of the ISCA-New Zealand Advisory Group. Graham says, "It's a great opportunity to be a founding member for the ISCA roll-out in New Zealand. The use of the IS Rating Tool aligns with Beca's mission to transform our world - in particular the importance of thinking about whole-of-life issues for projects. I see great potential for the IS Rating Tool to be regularly used in New Zealand infrastructure projects and Beca is proud to be involved in this sustainability initiative."

The IS Rating Tool is currently being piloted in New Zealand at a number of different member projects. The knowledge and lessons learnt from these pilots will be used to inform what the New Zealand IS rating tool should comprise.

For more information visit: http://isca.org.au/about/new-zealand.

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