Beca appoints new Principals and Associates

Beca has named 104 new Associates and 39 new Principals across our Asia, Australia and New Zealand operations.

These appointments reflect the high level of commitment these professionals have shown to building strong client relationships, their ability to bring value to our clients’ projects and their contribution to the on-going growth and success of our company.

Recognising our high achievers as Associates and Principals is one of the ways Beca shows how much we value developing the skills and abilities of our team members - providing clear career development paths and inspiring our potential future leaders.

The appointment to Associate recognises advanced technical competence in their profession, and excellence in their interactions with their teams and clients. With these appointments, we acknowledge their contribution so far and their potential to add great value to Beca and our clients in future.

Consultants who reach Principal level bring considerable expertise and experience, sound judgement, commercial acumen and relationship building skills to our clients and partners. They demonstrate proficiency and personal accountability with our clients, on projects, within our business and in working with their teams.

We congratulate all our new Associates and Principals, and we are proud to be able to recognise our new Principals in particular.

Principals in Asia

  • Helen Chen
  • Heng Kok Hui
  • Zhang Xu

Principals in Australia

  • Alexander Yee
  • Craig Allen
  • Mark Elvidge
  • Mike Whitton

Principals in New Zealand

  • Adrian Jones
  • AndrĂ© van Zyl
  • Andy Gibson
  • Ben Henson
  • Brett Naylor
  • Cameron Dorward
  • Chloe Stewart-Tyson
  • Christopher Scott
  • Connon Andrews
  • Dean Carter
  • Emma Fisk
  • Eric Wolters
  • Hamish Hickling
  • Ian Macbeth
  • James Ring
  • Jamil Khan
  • Jason Hall
  • John Wright
  • Kristian Johnson
  • Lindon Jackson
  • Liz Angell
  • Paul Horrey
  • Paul Williams
  • Phillip Ware
  • Richard Hickman
  • Richard Parsons
  • Russell McMullan
  • Sam Fielden
  • Steve Christensen
  • Sue Aitken
  • Warren Perkins
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