The 47th Chemeca 2018 Conference Dinner & Awards of Excellence in Chemical Engineering was held in Queenstown, New Zealand from 30 September to 3 October.

Chemical engineers from Australia and New Zealand came together in stunning Queenstown to share insights and innovations relevant to chemical engineers across diverse industries. 

This year’s theme of ‘Chemical Engineering in Australasia’ encouraged opportunities to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges for the chemical engineering profession and process industries throughout our region.

Conference Chair this year was Dr Becky Macdonald, Senior Associate – Chemical Engineering at Beca. “It was a pleasure to see David Platts receive the Chemeca Medal for life-time achievement to chemical engineering. David has been an inspiration to me throughout my career, taking action on equality, equity and diversity long before it became the trendy thing to do". 

There were many insightful presentations during the conference from the likes of Ken Rivers, the President of IChemE, Susan Freeman-Greene the CEO of Engineering New Zealand, and Dr Michelle Dickinson, Director and founder of Nanogirl Labs. 

Michele (aka Nanogirl) gave an inspiring presentation, describing her passion for bringing engineering to primary schools, encouraging all everyone to participate regardless of their socio economic background.

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