Celebrating iconic Auckland with Engineering New Zealand

We are proud to be sponsoring Iconic Structures – a series of events being run by Engineering New Zealand, Auckland Branch, to celebrate their centenary in the city. As Beca moves toward our own centenary celebrations in 2020, this is a fantastic opportunity to support ENZ, an organisation that has also helped to shape Auckland over the last 100 years.

The events look in depth at several iconic Auckland projects – Waterview Tunnel, Auckland Harbour Bridge, the Sky Tower, Grafton Bridge, Auckland Town Hall and the Art Gallery.

“Beca people have helped in the delivery of all of these projects, and many of these projects have been career highlights for the Beca people involved,” said Rupert Hodson, Northern Regional Manager. “We are proud of our role in helping shape Auckland over the last 100 years, and all of these projects have been important components of the city “ecosystem” that has made Auckland into the city it is today.  As we look toward the next 100 years, it’s great to pause and get a sense of what has already been achieved, and what we will build on in the future to help Auckland be a world class city.”

We have a number of Beca experts presenting on Auckland's iconic structures throughout Centenial celebrations. On 2 August, Will Pank spoke to a packed audience about the Harbour Bridge at the Iconic Structures 1 event. He will speak again on 24 October at the Iconic Structures 2 event on Grafton Bridge. Joining Will on 24 October are Rob Jury and Martin Wemyss, who will be talking about the city’s famous Sky Tower.

As part of the wider celebrations, ENZ hosted a gala dinner and centenary awards on 23 August. Our congratulations go out to two exceptional Beca people, Ian Billings and Phoebe Moses, who were recognised with the Contribution to the Auckland Region award and the Outstanding Emerging Professional award respectively.

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