Six members of the Beca Water team will present papers at Water New Zealand’s 2018 Stormwater Conference on 23-25 May in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The three day conference, themed Wai Ora – Rising to the Challenge, will bring together industry experts to introduce, explore, address and challenge the impacts of stormwater on the environment.

Alongside other industry heavyweights, Beca is proud to be sharing our knowledge, expertise and experiences in this sector.

The six Beca speakers, and their papers, are:

  • Amber Murphy: Flooded with Opportunities – Turning flood management mitigation schemes into community assets
  • Keith Frentz (with Andy Bruere of Bay of Plenty Regional Council): Lake Rotorua – Wai Ora Mo A Maatau Mokopuna (Healthy water for our grandchildren)
  • Roger Seyb: Stormwater Management for Regeneration of the Three Kings Quarry
  • Iain Smith and Sian France: Soakage in Accordance with E1/VM1 – That’s just a start
  • Jenny Vince: Infrastructure Renewal – Maximising public benefit through collaboration and engagement

Chris Moore also assisted in the preparation of a paper to be presented by Malcolm Peacey of Fonterra: Performance of New Stormwater System at Fonterra Tirau.

Contact us here if you would like to discuss the papers above or to get in touch with one of the presenters.

For further information on the conference, visit the conference website.

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