Seven of Beca’s leading technical specialists were welcomed to the ranks of Technical Fellows at the 2018 Delivery and Technical Leadership Conference Awards on Friday 3 November 2018.

The seven recipients were honoured in front of their peers for their outstanding technical skills, expertise and leadership.

The title of Technical Fellow recognises and continues to embed a sustained commitment to excellence among Beca technical and future leaders. 

"Our new Technical Fellows have again set the benchmark for providing consistently excellent and future-focused standards. It’s important to recognise their achievements and acknowledge the tremendous contribution they continue to make in their respective fields and within the wider industry," said Craig Price, Chief Technical Officer at Beca. 

Our newly inducted Technical Fellows are listed in order of appearance:

Jon Ewer, Beca Technical Fellow – Construction and Contract Management 

Richard Holyoake, Beca Technical Fellow – Infrastructure Project Delivery

Tiina Hall-Turner, Beca Technical Fellow – Industrial Project Delivery

Simon Longuet-Higgins, Beca Technical Fellow – Commercial Building Services 

Andrew Peacock, Beca Technical Fellow – Process Engineering and Process Safety

Vaughan Robertson, Beca Technical Fellow – Emerging Technologies

Rodney Urban, Beca Technical Fellow – Earthing and Electromagnetic Compatibility

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