Beacon System Wins NZ Hi-Tech Awards Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service

Beca is delighted to announce The Beacon System has won the 2018 Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service category at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

The category is highly contested with a number of quality entries by innovative companies. To win the category, Beca had to wow the judges by developing a genuinely innovative service that is significantly enabled by some form of technology, software or hardware, with evidence of strong sales.

Sam Fielden, Beca's Commercial Manager - New Ventures, says, “It is an incredible honour to have The Beacon System win the 2018 Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service category in the NZ Hi-Tech Awards.”

“There has been an extraordinary amount of work done by a large team of specialist seismic engineers working with our software and technology teams to make this happen, but we would not be here without the support of our clients who recognised and shared the vision with us that we could help remove some of their anxiety during a seismic event by providing insight and action.”

The Beacon System is a technology enabled consulting service that offers clients a real-time notification and response service to assess and manage the impacts of a seismic event on their buildings, assets and structures. Designed for clients with geographically dispersed property portfolios, it incorporates an innovative Big Data software algorithm delivered via an app that assesses the impact of an earthquake, and deploys a prioritised inspection and response service following the event. The service provides clients with immediate seismic impact information that facilitates the fast communication of focused and informed decisions during the aftermath.

Neil Horsfield, Beca's General Manager - Structures, adds, “In New Zealand there are on average 50 magnitude five or greater earthquakes every year, strong enough to cause concern for decision makers who need to be able to make informed decisions that are in the interests of the safety of their staff and customers and the continuity of their businesses.”

“It is really important for Beca to win this award as Beca is moving to being a blend of both traditional consulting and digital consulting that makes every day better for our clients.”

The judges’ comments:

“The judges were impressed by Beca’s passion and commitment in dealing with human anxiety in times of great distress.

Their digital product provides timely information on the post-disaster status of buildings – modernising and enhancing a traditional service while bringing it into the digital world.

Their entry is a case study on how the benefits of embracing new technologies and work practices can move a company forward – so richly deserved Beca!”

See the Beacon award entry video.

To find out more about the Hi-Tech awards, visit www.hitech.org.nz.

Watch the live footage of the award being presented:

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