We are proud to share the next step on our journey of integrating sustainability into our global business.

As an employee-owned business with origins as a small business partnership, we serve the aspirations of our own people first and foremost. Our core value of ‘Care’ drives us to support, grow, challenge and reward our people while also managing economic sustainability.

Running a sustainable business also requires an eye on the future and the global challenges that we and our clients face. Unprecedented challenges such as climate change, population growth, technological disruption, rapid urbanisation, commodity market volatility and rising inequality are big issues to grapple with. Having a robust sustainability strategy is key to helping to manage our risks and identify opportunities arising from these issues. We are responding and making our business more resilient and agile.

But we can’t face these challenges alone, we will need to collaborate with our peers and our clients, with government and with our community. We are excited to be taking further important steps to integrate sustainability principles into our business and connecting with our stakeholders.

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