R U OK? Beca champions Psychological Health Month

During the month of September Beca is running a series of workshops, events and stories in order to start a conversation about psychological health amongst staff.

One of the biggest health and safety risks faced by organisations, psychological health is integral to workplace wellbeing. Topics covered during the month range from understanding stress and the signs and symptoms, conversation tips, looking out for one another and workplace resources for psychological health support.

September is timely for these discussions, in Australia RU OK? Day takes place today, on 14 September, and 10 September is internationally recognised as World Suicide Prevention Day. This then leads into World Mental Health Day and Awareness Week which take part during October.

Group Health and Safety Manager, Chloe Stewart-Tyson says psychological wellbeing is integral to Beca’s health and safety programme.

“One of Beca's core values is 'Care', and to live by this value, our wellbeing strategy is to engage the hearts and minds of all people to bring health, safety and wellbeing to the forefront.” she says.

“We’re committed to the overall wellbeing of employees and aim to continually promote and engage employees in all aspects of wellbeing and health awareness, which includes psychological health.”

“We are now living in a digital age where the boundaries between work and home are blurred with the inability to disconnect. Difficult situations that people may have dealt with successfully years ago are now, in today’s busy society, having an adverse effect,” says Chloe.

Often we are not aware of the risk because of the multitude of different factors that can contribute to poor psychological health. More people are fatigued and, because it’s a combination of so many things in individuals’ lifestyles, it’s difficult to manage from a health and safety perspective.”

“Creating greater awareness around the signs and symptoms of poor psychological health, and how to help manage these, is vital to ensuring workplace wellbeing.”

Beca has offered Workplace Psychological Health Webinars to employees during September. The one hour sessions explore the foundations of supporting positive mental health in the workplace.

For managers, full-day workshops are taking place today, which will enable leaders to better support employees who may be struggling with adverse psychological health.

The workshop aims to build confidence and skills, covering early intervention essentials, such as knowing how to identify early warning signs, how to approach someone, how to have a conversation with someone, and how to refer someone to access help in the face of possible workplace mental health concerns. It also provides critical knowledge and skills to enable managers and supervisors to practically deal with typical work-related mental health scenarios that arise.

Read more from Chloe Stewart-Tyson on Psychological Health here.

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