Hunua 4 Watermain scoops project excellence awards trifecta

Along with Watercare and our Hunua 4 S1-10 project partners, we were proud to celebrate three wins at the Auckland 2017 Project Excellence Awards earlier this month: Physical Works Award, Project of the Year Award: Integration, and the Project Excellence Supreme Award. The awards recognise excellence in project management and execution.

David Moore, Watercare’s Project Manager for Hunua 4 said, "The judges used these awards to judge what made an 'excellent' project and decided that it looks like Hunua 4." 

"This all came down to hard work, dedication, skill, professionalism and going the extra mile. Well done to everyone," David said.

Watercare’s Hunua 4 Watermain ensures that there’s sufficient network capacity for an uninterrupted, high quality water supply across Auckland. It is one of the largest bulk water supply pipelines in the region, with 28km of potable water pipes. The key to this project was avoiding as much disruption as possible to residents and travellers while the pipeline was being laid.

Working alongside Watercare our team undertook the initial consultation, scientific, engineering and cultural investigations culminating in designations and Resource Consent approval for the pipeline, followed by detailed design, procurement, and monitoring of construction and commissioning.

Dennis Hunt, CH2M Beca/GHD project manager for the design phase, said "The opportunity to be involved in a project with long-term benefits to the community was a privilege for our team. It was particularly satisfying to see the effort put into the planning and design being transformed by the construction phase team into a quality project completed as planned almost 20 years earlier."

"A key for us was the importance of the enduring relationships fostered by Watercare from the outset of the project which inspired our people to enthusiastically contribute to this major water supply infrastructure project designed to serve Auckland for 100 years," Dennis said.

The awards were presented on 6 December at the Auckland Council 2017 Project Excellence Awards.

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