Beca to present on seismic tank design and refrigeration economics at Winery Engineering Association Conference

We're proud to present two papers at the Winery Engineering Association Conference (WEA) on July 21-22 at Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim. The bi-annual conference is 'run by winery people, for winery people' and focuses on all aspects of production from the grape to the bottle, sharing problems and solutions to find out the latest global advances in equipment and techniques to retain that competitive edge.

Our two papers align with this year's theme "Winery Resource Management = Sustainability" and are outlined below:

'Putting your money where your Must is' - A Review of Winery Refrigeration Economics: Adrian Dickison (Technical Director - Chemical Engineering) & Richard Fouhy (Senior Mechanical Engineer - Water)

A significant capital and operating cost in any winery is the refrigeration system. In this presentation we will discuss where the sweet spot lies for a typical 5000 tonne winery; evaluating ammonia and synthetic refrigerant plants, as well as examining the economics of heat pumps. Given the increased focus on safety following the introduction of new legislation in New Zealand we will also cover the relative safety merits of different arrangements and refrigerants.

Details: 2.00pm on Thursday, 21 July

'Understanding the Tanks We Get': Dean Saunders (Senior Associate - Structural Engineering)

The wine industry is reliant on the design of tanks for everyday storage and protection of the product in the event of a natural disaster. Tank function should be seen as more than just for processing and storage. It should also be viewed as the first layer of self-insurance for the product and ongoing operation of any winery. This presentation will discuss the main aspects of tank design, including seismic design, and the expected performance of tanks during earthquake shaking.

Details: 9.30am on Friday, 22 July

For more information about the conference visit the WEA website.