The 20+ year partnership between Beca and Melbourne Airport continues with another significant milestone reached - the successful completion of Melbourne Airport's Papa Uniform Golf (PUG's) Slab Replacement Project. This involved the successful delivery of critical infrastructure pavements on both the domestic and international stands/taxilanes at the airport.

The design development project phase commenced in August 2011 and work started on site in February 2013. During this 38 month construction period involving 205,000 worked hours, there were 33 individual stages of work with 66,000m2 of Portland Cement Concrete pavement placed - within budget and with zero Lost Time Injuries.

Due to the complexity of the staging and the large number of stakeholders, this project required a collaborative approach from all involved: Melbourne Airport, Beca, McConnell Dowell and other stakeholders including major domestic and international airlines.

As Chris Bren, Project Manager - Melbourne Airport said: "From our perspective, the PUG's Project exemplifies a well-planned and well executed project. The planning works undertaken by Beca during the early phases of the project enabled us to have early engagement with our airline partners and gain their support and set expectations. During the construction phase, Beca led our team chartering sessions which developed a constructive team culture and a team which was adaptive to working in a live terminal and taxilane environment with safety as a key priority. We wish to congratulate the PUG's Project Team - Beca, McConnell Dowell - and our internal Melbourne Airport team members on a job well done."

"This project epitomises the benefits of a collaborative approach to deliver critical aviation asset replacement in a very complex environment and it sets a new standard for future delivery at Melbourne Airport. The Project Team strove to minimise the impact on the airport business, airlines and their customers and deliver of a quality product safely. This was achieved in no small part by the positive team culture underpinned by our Team Charter and the contributions made by the individual team members from Melbourne Airport, Beca and McConnell Dowell as well as ongoing stakeholder engagement and continuous improvements," said Joe Walsh - Project Director, Beca.