Beca secures major Defence capital works project in Australia

Beca has been awarded the P0007 National Airfield Maintenance Works for Capital Facilities and Infrastructure Branch, Estate and Infrastructure Group, Department of Defence.

This is a major project for Defence, which involves aircraft pavement and aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) works at the following Defence Bases: RAAF Base Pearce, RAAF Base Gin Gin, RAAF Base East Sale and Army Aviation Centre Oakey. We secured both packages - the Aircraft Pavements Design and AGL Design - at all four Bases.

We are delighted to be given this opportunity to deliver major aircraft pavement and AGL maintenance works to maintain capability and operability on these Bases. This win reinforces our reputation as Tier 1 Defence airfield designers with our ongoing commission on the National Aircraft Pavement Maintenance Programme.

Our services will include:

  • Aircraft pavements design
  • AGL and navigational aid design
  • Civil, drainage, geotechnical and structural design
  • Construction monitoring.
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