Our Voices

Our Beca family holds our values dear – partnership, enjoyment, tenacity and care are core to our daily lives and our work with our clients and communities. Hear some of their incredible stories.
Ang Seng Lee


Culture drives the right behaviour - the right behaviour towards innovation and cohesion among the people. The right culture can create people who are engaged in their work and committed to what they do.

Ben Westeneng


The locals are really going to benefit from the technology we're providing. There's a lot of uncertainty about whether or not their houses are going to be okay, and being able to rapidly assess the buildings means you can provide them the certainty that they need.

Caroline Hope


Regenerative design is a way of thinking about the way we build and design beyond sustainability. The biggest impact that we can have around creating a sustainable and resilient future, is through engaging the communities that we work with.

Genevieve Smith


I'm very passionate about sustainability - it's something I've been interested in a long time. I really want to be able to help our clients and our business do the most with what we've got available to us without damaging the environment, but also benefiting society.

Yeo Ser Chong


The Emerging Leaders programme was created to identify the high-performing individuals that have the potential to grow into high-performing leaders within our organisation... I hope the participants of the programme really embrace it and learn a lot and use the learnings to help them achieve their goals.