Oil and Gas

Beca has been involved in the oil and gas market sector for over 20 years. Read more about some of the solutions we have devised for our clients.
Oil and Gas - Kupe Project.

Providing multidisciplinary services to a variety of operating and contracting companies Beca also has a strong association with AMEC Oil and Gas. This gives the Beca Oil and Gas team access to a global network of oil and gas specialists. In New Zealand our staff with expertise in this field are based in New Plymouth, Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland.

Our core competencies include:

  • feasibility studies
  • process design and engineering of process equipment and piping
  • controls and instrumentation
  • electrical and mechanical engineering
  • civil and structural design relating to upstream and downstream operations
  • hazardous area classification
  • surge analysis
  • stress analysis
  • HAZOP facilitation.

Additionally, we provide specialist advice in areas such as CNG, LPG, seismic design of platforms and process plants and aviation fuel facilities.

By establishing international partnerships, Beca is able to access a wide range of information and resources. AMEC is Beca's largest and longest standing partner and a key partner in both the mining and metals and forest industries. While Beca's Oil and Gas team has an extensive range of experience and the skills necessary to manage and engineer small to medium scale projects, our association with AMEC Oil and Gas further augments our reach, giving us access to a global network of oil and gas specialists. As a team we have a proven project delivery capability, driven by trust and experience, international strength and local knowledge.

Oil and Gas - Maui B, New Zealand.

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