Joining our more than 1000 employees in Auckland will make you part of Beca's largest office, and one of the largest engineering offices in the Asia Pacific region.

Beca's Auckland Office.

Being in the largest city, and Beca office, in New Zealand means that the Auckland team works on a good share of the high profile projects in Auckland and around the country. Our full range of engineering and related consultancy disciplines is represented in the Auckland office, and because of the multidisciplinary nature of operations here, many opportunities arise to experience new types of work and move teams. Many international projects are also run out of the Auckland office, creating good opportunities for professionals to travel.

Beca's Auckland people have worked on projects such as the second Manukau Harbour Crossing, the new rail trench at New Lynn, the Macau Tower and the Victorian Desalination Project in Australia. We are currently working on two of New Zealand's largest infrastructure projects, the Victoria Park Tunnel and the Waterview Connection.

The Auckland team operates in a busy, vibrant and very social atmosphere - the social club is also very active and runs at least one event a month including an Octoberfest, summer bash, movie nights and pub quizzes, as well as end of month drinks and annual events such as the mid-year ball, ski trip and Christmas cocktail party. There are a number of sports teams, and individual departments often have a drink on a Friday evening before heading home.

Beca people in the Auckland office benefit from plenty of mentoring and coaching opportunities since the size of the office means there are many senior people willing to help, and some also have mentors in other offices as well. Outside of work, they get to take advantage of the diversity and cosmopolitan vibe of Auckland, where you can expect all the assets and entertainment of a modern city, with a wealth of outdoor activities as well. No matter what you are into, you can find it in Auckland!